Priya Vassen
has been a dedicated student and practitioner of Yoga and Internal Martial Arts since 1998.

Inspired by the transformative and empowering effect she experienced in her own life and her desire to spread this knowledge to others, Priya delved into the study of the art of Chinese Medicine. She now teaches Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga and Meditation and has trained under Master Michael Lan as an Acupuncturist in the traditional master-to-student method.

Although classically trained, she believes that forms must evolve to accommodate, reflect and express the mood and needs of the time while still maintaining the integrity of the practice and lineage. Priya’s love of the internal arts is rooted in her experience of it as a practice that rekindles each individual’s unique, intrinsic energy and innate intelligence. In a world which continually draws our attention outward, these arts retrain us to search within for what we seek. This ongoing journey of self-awareness is for her, the true path to healing – not only ailments of the body but also the dysfunctional often unconscious mental and emotional patterns we carry deep within come to light to be resolved. Rooted in age old techniques and wisdom, our bodies and minds regain their natural state of ease and playfulness, allowing us the insight and stability to let go of that which holds us back, explore new potentials and sharpen our existing talents and skills. Life becomes a dance of living awareness.

Priya is currently the owner of Darshan in Woodstock and is passionately committed to spreading the awareness and benefits of Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Yoga.