I did my vinyasa yoga teacher training with Priya. We spent many inspiring, creative and sometimes grueling hours together. I used to watch her out of the corner of my eye, often taking alignment cues from her, it was like trying to copy answers from the smart kid in the class. I have seen her deepen in her practice and teaching to a level that is quite frankly, remarkable. During a single class I have seen her support absolute beginners, challenge strong practitioners, demonstrate with grace and most importantly, remind us to find our joy in the practice. Vassen, you rock and I’ll continue pitching up at the crack of dawn to catch your classes!
– Jamie Elkon

My tai chi practice is providing me with (much-needed) balance in my life and some practical tools to manage stress. This is my second attempt at studying tai chi. The first was at a traditional-style martial arts centre where we learnt the form by rote, all dressed in the same uniform and lined up in rows. While we do practice the form in order to learn them at Darshan, this is done with a much greater understanding of chi. I now feel more engaged with various aspects of my tai chi practice – mental, spiritual and physical.  Priya is a knowledgeable teacher and the classes are small, fun and friendly!
– Niall McNulty

When I left Italy five years ago I was worried that I would never find another special yoga teacher again, but I was wrong. I have been so lucky that after only few weeks I was in Cape Town I met Priya, I knew straight away she was exactly what I was looking for. She has a perfect balance of wisdom, integrity and playfulness. She has the rare ability to create a unique class every time, never repetitive, never guaranteed. Since then she also have been treated me regularly with acupuncture. She has been an amazing support in find my physical and psychological balance again.
– Orietta Ancilotta

It is a rare thing to encounter knowledge, integrity, wisdom, dedication and mastery on the one hand, and playfulness, compassion, enthusiasm and humility in one person. And yet this is what Priya embodies to me as a Tai Chi teacher. She effortlessly combines the dignity of a living teaching lineage with the delight of someone who sincerely enjoys her own practice, and in so doing, leads by an example that one cannot but want to emulate. She is completely approachable without it diminishing the respect I have for her in any way. Perhaps because her realization of the principles of Tai Chi as I understand it so far, is self-evident, at least to me. Drawn to her warmth and sincerity, she engenders in me a patience, and love, and respect for my own process which I hope to eventually be able to extend to everyone around me too. Being a bit of a curious creature myself, I also appreciate that she is willing to introduce information, in that peculiar style of hers, as if she’s simply reminding us of something we already know. This is where it becomes really profound for me, because Tai Chi seems to be such a nuanced teaching that one learns it not only through the Form and the Teachings, but the actual example of the teacher herself. If the goal of Tai Chi is to return oneself to a fluid, but constant, state of poise, from which to engage the world gracefully and with love … then I am completely convinced that Priya is the perfect Tai Chi teacher for me.

– Anri Wyma

Tai Chi was recommended to me by a someone that was assisting and guiding me on my journey. I was not feeling grounded in my life and interestingly enough I had vertigo, which make you feel off balance.
I always wanted to do Tai Chi, after seeing the movie Calendar Girls, but just never made an effort to find it, so Tai Chi found me.
My first class experience was a combination of confusion, calmness, leg workouts and absolute stillness. I drove home feeling light, free, content and peaceful. I was addicted!
I went twice a week and the results was starting to show in my daily handling of stress, as well as people around me noticed a difference in me. I also noticed that I was getting into shape! My legs and bottom was firming up and the vertigo went. I felt I was back inside my life.
If you understand energies, then you will understand how amazing Tai Chi i. It also taught me discipline, which lets face it, is necessary to follow through any goal or dream.
Tai Chi is for young and old, does not matter what your view point or believe in life is.
Like with anything else in life, it is about finding a Tai Chi group/instructor that you resonate with. Priya is amazing, you can feel her passion and love for Tai Chi. She is gentle yet knowing when to raise the bar. She walks her talk.
– Enid Roets