As with all IT folk, I have suffer with lower back and posture problems. I have tried numerous approaches and have found that Priya’s combination of acupuncture and massage the best.  The bliss of waking up without pain is worth every cent.
– David Ford

Priya shiatsu massage / treatment come with a true healing, positive energy touch. I feel renewed, aligned, stress relieved and best of all completely pampered with her treatments. The ultimate relief and relaxation massage with an intuitive, understanding and compassionate person.
– Nasuriena Louw

Priya is a wonderfully warm, open and compassionate practitioner.  In my times of emotional or physical woes, she administers deft and uplifting healing for both my body and soul. I love Priya’s gentleness and delightful sense of humour.  She makes me feel better;  she makes me feel cared for;  and I always leave her with a smile on my face.
– Kim Lyon

I damaged my lower back three decades ago, and It has turned out that TCM is most effective in managing my condition (in addition, of course, to maintaining overall wellness). When my therapist of many years, a student of Dr. Lin’s who practised tui-na and acupuncture, emigrated from South Africa in 2011, she recommended me four colleagues, each with different emphases of practice. About Priya, she specifically said – “she has an amazing Qi”. I chose to contact Priya because of this recommendation, and because Priya practises, and teaches, multiple disciplines of TCM. The benefits of Priya’s treatments are amplified by several years of experience, and yes: her Qi is truly amazing.
– Astrid Jarre

When I arrived at Priya’s rooms for my first acupuncture session I had a multitude of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that were causing me great distress. Priya’s initial consultation showed that she is both empathetic as a listener, and also extremely professional as a practitioner. She administered her needles systematically, addressing the primary issues first, whilst also educating me on the root causes of my complaints. The improvements were numerous and tangible, and I remain indebted to her for sharing her expertise.
– Tom Sheehy

Priya, thank you for six years of deep grounding, connection and enlightenment I’ve experienced through your incredible skill and loving care. You always know just how to get to the essence of every situation and meet one’s personal need in every moment. Never before have I managed to feel so at peace and on top of the world!
– Andrea Broom

Thank you Priya for amazing treatments! Consistent Shiatsu has changed my life.. I love the ‘prevention is better than cure approach’. Acupuncture whilst at first painful, has brought balance and relaxation and is now my first port of call for any illness, injury and even extreme stress or fatigue. I am blessed to have discovered your wonderful treatments!
– Holly Filday

Priya is truly a special healer. Working with different modalities she has a deep understanding of the human body and energetics. Priya is guided in her daily life with ancient wisdom and truths which transcend through her work. Amazing.
– Jo Feghale

I have had the pleasure of being treated by Priya for many years, both before , during and after my pregnancy. Letting go and trusting Priya with my body is a key element to the space she holds as a body worker. During treatments she holds a very still space for my body to speak to her, I feel that she listens and then guides her treatments according to what my body is telling her. This allows me to surrender to her touch and feel energy return to stagnant areas of my body.
– Tamsin Sheehy

Priya is a profoundly generous and nurturing therapist, with quiet authority and insight. Her shiatsu massages are sensational – as strong and powerful as they are subtle and gentle. She provides a peaceful and safe space to give oneself over to an energetic healing process that always leaves me feeling more in touch with myself, recharged and rebalanced.
– Sophie Perryer